OWL Global Wisdom Circle — 5/12/2015
From Spiritual Vision to Global Healing

First Speaker

Kay Sandberg is founder & executive director of Global Force for Healing.

The vision for the Global Force for Healing came as a transmission from the spirit of Mother Teresa while Kay was at the House of John of God, a spiritual healing center in rural Brazil, in 2001. Though not raised as a Catholic or identifying with any religion, she deeply resonated with the energy and purpose of the center.

One day while meditating, she felt a presence come very close to her right ear. The voice announced itself as the essence or consciousness of Mother Teresa. Kay says, “To this day I can feel that presence, which anchors my commitment to nurture and sustain our organization, to fulfill my soul’s calling, and hopefully, to inspire others.”

Mother Teresa’s message: “You will found the Global … [Force] for Healing. You don’t have to know how to do this or to emulate my lifestyle. Just study and learn from my teachings and you will be guided in what to do.”

Today, the Global Force for Healing, through its Healthy Compassionate Birthing Project, connects grassroots projects involving hundreds of volunteers around the world — in countries including Cameroon, Ecuador, Haiti, Indonesia/Bali, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Uganda — to address maternal & infant mortality, share solutions — and save lives — in underserved areas where there is no doctor.

First Speaker’s Story

Part 1: Starting on the Path


Part 2: Initiating Global Force for Healing

Part 3: Birthkeepers’ Summit in Berkeley, CA

Part 4: Global Summit in Chennai, India

Part 5: A Lesson Learned

Community Response

Kay’s Question to the Group

Wendy Berk

Bonita Banducci

Barbara Zilber

Libby Traubman

Len Traubman

Dinesh Chandra

Aryae Coopersmith

Offuh James Offuh


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Urgent: Supporting a Peace Initiative

From Len & Libby Traubman


June 9, 2015


You have asked for succinct information to ground a trustworthy request to OWL participants and others to financially help Offuh James Offuh gather for reconciliation traumatized adversaries of recent severe violence in Cote d’Ivoire near Offuh.

OFFUH’S CITIZEN-DRIVEN INITIATIVE was to immediately respond to the May 27-28 Christian-Muslim youth brutality in nearby Brand Bassam and Dabou. Fourteen citizens including an Imam were slaughtered, many more were maimed, and a mosque and a church were burned down.

Offuh wrote: “To look for remedy to the situation, i travelled to the cities yesterday and meet with victims and consol them. Upon my visit i proposed to the two rival faith traditions for direct dialogue. which they appreciated, in view of thiis situation i invited to them urgently, the different Religious leaders representative today at 16h.00 GMT for a Dialogue meeting in Abidjan today.”

Responding to Offuh’s vision and recent successes, community citizen-leaders eagerly accepted Offuh’s proposals for a two Youth Interfaith Seminars, one of 100 participants in each town.
The dates will be Saturdays — June 20th and July 11th.

This kind of reconciliation is not something in that governments or large institutions have the inclination, vision, or skill to enact.

You can see Offuh’s bravery and genius to bring people together recently — http://ufpacidialogue.net/en/ and http://traubman.igc.org/vidnigeriaivorycoast.htm

OFFUH’S NEED in the days just ahead is $6,000 to facilitate this potentially-historic reconciliation of 200 Muslims and Christians, and to document on film. The detailed budget is attached. The OWL community could seize this moment to help fuel this real-life illustration of how citizens create and lead into our future together.

Here is the way we responsibly transfer money to Offuh:

  1. OWL participants and others can see responsible documentation of Offuh’s extraordinary courage, know-how, and recent success story at http://traubman.igc.org/vidnigeriaivorycoast.htm and http://ufpacidialogue.net/en/
  2. Tax-deductible gifts would be to the Living Room Dialogue’s fiscal sponsor 501(c)(3) non-profit Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) — Middle East Dialogue.– http://pcrcweb.org
  3. Checks can be mailed to our home — L. Traubman, 1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
  4. Online donations also work well, but that mechanism costs 10% of the donation if made at http://traubman.igc.org/donate.htm</li>
  5. After seeing and approving of a project’s budget, money to Offuh is wired from our personal bank account to his in Abidjan.
  6. Upon receiving Offuh’s expense receipts after a project concludes, PCRC reimburses the Traubmans for the money we wired from our personal account.
  7. PCRC charges 10% of such an outgoing check, which is subtracted from the Dialogue’s account with them.

We are pleased to help transfer funds in this way for OWL people who are moved to help Offuh succeed.
Please tell us if you need more information.

Libby and Len
20 Years of Palestinian-Jewish
Living Room Dialogue (1992-2012)

Awakin Call — Apr. 25, 2015


Mia Tagano
Actress, Activist

Mia Tagano is an actress whose devotion to caring for her 95-year-old grandmother, and the other residents in the dementia section of nursing home where she lives, has touched many hearts.

“My grandmother is my best friend,” Mia says. “She teaches me to be in the moment.” She visits almost daily and cares for her grandmother, who has dementia and no short-term memory. In describing her visits, Mia notes that her grandmother “doesn’t know I came yesterday but is grateful to see me today. We laugh easy together, play solitaire in partnership, high-five with both hands when she ‘wins’ at the end; we … hold each other.”

Why does she spend her time caring for other residents at the nursing home as well as her grandmother? Mia answers, “People with dementia tend to be isolated from each other, alone and lonely. If my grandmother and I just related to each other, we’d be sharing a little bubble. When I reach out to other people and we can all share the enjoyment of sitting, smiling and connecting with each other, everyone, including my grandmother, can live in a larger world.”

A member of Actor’™s Equity Union and Screen Actor’™s Guild, Mia’s television credits include “All My Children” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.” Highlights of her stage acting career include performing 203 shows of “Far East” at the Lincoln Center in New York City; performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 10-hour play “Tantalus” directed by Sir Peter Hall and performed in Denver, London, and on tour around England; and performing the solo, one-woman show “Cincinnati” in San Francisco, Seattle, and London, directed then by Sir John Barton. She will next be seen in San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre’s spring/summer production of “Love and Information” by Caryl Churchill.

Photo and bio information courtesy of Awakin.org.

Awakin Call Interview with Aryae

You can find the complete audio recording and transcript excerpts, on the Awakin web site at Awakin Call with Mia Tagano.

For the upcoming Awakin Call schedule, go to Global Awakin Calls.

Fuji Declaration


OWL Is Now a Fuji Declaration Partner Organization

By partnering with the Fuji Declaration organization headquartered in Japan, the OWL community stands together with high profile global citizens around the world who share a common vision and common commitment.

OWL member and guide Alan Briskin has been working on the Fuji Declaration, which was initiated in Japan by Masami Saionji, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Hiroo Saionji. It is an international alliance of individuals and organizations who are united by a shared commitment to advance a more harmonious, compassionate and sustainable era for all humanity. Their signatories include many well-known global leaders, they are very much aligned with OWL values, and any of us can sign the declaration.
Fuji Declaration Home Page

Text of the Fuji Declaration

and how to add your signature to theirs.
An Historic Celebration
coming in May, 2015