March 28 Note from Thae

Thank you so much. I remember each and every one of you. Mobile internet connection has been cut off, and other services like wifi aren’t available in my village. Therefore it has been very hard for me to go online. My days are like: at day times, I go to the town (Taunggyi) which normally takes 30 min (But for now they have blocked the road, and I have to used different road which approximately takes over an hour) to join the protest against the terrorist military coup: and at night, I have been trying to calm myself from bad news and things i have faced at day times. There are some nights I have to run away from my house and sleep at different place. Also there are some fatalities and some seriously injuried in the town where I go and join for protest. But for now I am still safe and doing well. Don’t worry. I will do my best at time like this. And I will try to be safe as much as I can.

We Shall Will This!

On Mar 27, 2021 12:07 AM, “Wendy Berk” wrote:
Hi Thae,

I want to let you know that Ma Comfort from Cameroon asked about you yesterday during Conversations in the Garden. We are all sending you prayers. I hope you are safe.

Sending love and blessings,


Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Day Ceremony & Dialogue

Invitation from Libby Traubman
April 13: Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Day Ceremony
April 21: Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group

The Joint Memorial Day Ceremony challenges the traditional narrative of victimhood and separation and brings people together to share in the pain of the “other”.
Last year 200,000 people participated worldwide in the live broadcast in the largest Israeli-Palestinian Peace event in history, and the focal point for the peace community. The Joint Memorial Day Ceremony attests to both people’s shared humanity, commonality of sorrow, and both sides commitment to peace.
April 13, 2021 / via web streaming / 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST
Hosted by Combatants for Peace & Parents Circle Family Forum
(Register Link)

The Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group invites you to join a post-event April 21, 2021 / via Zoom registration / 7:30 to 9:30 pm PST. Come join us for an important evening of communal dialogue. This is an opportunity to listen and share how the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day touched us.

The Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group was founded in 1992, with the express purpose of modeling a new way of personal story-sharing and relationship building through dialogue; a quality of listening that heals people-to-people relationships by changing hearts and minds.

Three decades later the “Dialogue” continues to mentor partners around the world, and build the framework for a face-to-face, citizen-driven, public peace process, in order to create a common future that works for ALL.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Libby Traubman