OWL Global Wisdom Circle — 5/12/2015
From Spiritual Vision to Global Healing

First Speaker

Kay Sandberg is founder & executive director of Global Force for Healing.

The vision for the Global Force for Healing came as a transmission from the spirit of Mother Teresa while Kay was at the House of John of God, a spiritual healing center in rural Brazil, in 2001. Though not raised as a Catholic or identifying with any religion, she deeply resonated with the energy and purpose of the center.

One day while meditating, she felt a presence come very close to her right ear. The voice announced itself as the essence or consciousness of Mother Teresa. Kay says, “To this day I can feel that presence, which anchors my commitment to nurture and sustain our organization, to fulfill my soul’s calling, and hopefully, to inspire others.”

Mother Teresa’s message: “You will found the Global … [Force] for Healing. You don’t have to know how to do this or to emulate my lifestyle. Just study and learn from my teachings and you will be guided in what to do.”

Today, the Global Force for Healing, through its Healthy Compassionate Birthing Project, connects grassroots projects involving hundreds of volunteers around the world — in countries including Cameroon, Ecuador, Haiti, Indonesia/Bali, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Uganda — to address maternal & infant mortality, share solutions — and save lives — in underserved areas where there is no doctor.

First Speaker’s Story

Part 1: Starting on the Path


Part 2: Initiating Global Force for Healing

Part 3: Birthkeepers’ Summit in Berkeley, CA

Part 4: Global Summit in Chennai, India

Part 5: A Lesson Learned

Community Response

Kay’s Question to the Group

Wendy Berk

Bonita Banducci

Barbara Zilber

Libby Traubman

Len Traubman

Dinesh Chandra

Aryae Coopersmith

Offuh James Offuh


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