Awakin Call — Apr. 25, 2015


Mia Tagano
Actress, Activist

Mia Tagano is an actress whose devotion to caring for her 95-year-old grandmother, and the other residents in the dementia section of nursing home where she lives, has touched many hearts.

“My grandmother is my best friend,” Mia says. “She teaches me to be in the moment.” She visits almost daily and cares for her grandmother, who has dementia and no short-term memory. In describing her visits, Mia notes that her grandmother “doesn’t know I came yesterday but is grateful to see me today. We laugh easy together, play solitaire in partnership, high-five with both hands when she ‘wins’ at the end; we … hold each other.”

Why does she spend her time caring for other residents at the nursing home as well as her grandmother? Mia answers, “People with dementia tend to be isolated from each other, alone and lonely. If my grandmother and I just related to each other, we’d be sharing a little bubble. When I reach out to other people and we can all share the enjoyment of sitting, smiling and connecting with each other, everyone, including my grandmother, can live in a larger world.”

A member of Actor’™s Equity Union and Screen Actor’™s Guild, Mia’s television credits include “All My Children” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.” Highlights of her stage acting career include performing 203 shows of “Far East” at the Lincoln Center in New York City; performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 10-hour play “Tantalus” directed by Sir Peter Hall and performed in Denver, London, and on tour around England; and performing the solo, one-woman show “Cincinnati” in San Francisco, Seattle, and London, directed then by Sir John Barton. She will next be seen in San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre’s spring/summer production of “Love and Information” by Caryl Churchill.

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Otto Scharmer, Nipun Mehta, Three Videos

Otto Scharmer’s appearance on a ServiceSpace Awakin Call in March, combined with an impromptu breakfast conversation between him and Nipun Mehta in February, underscores some fascinating interwoven themes in the thought and work of these two visionary leaders. Here are three videos which put some of this on display.

Nipun’s TEDx Talk in Berkeley in February, 2012:
Designing for Generosity

Breakfast Conversation in February, 2015
With Nipun, Otto Scharmer and Adam Yukelson

Otto Scharmer at Wisdom 2.0 November 2014
From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies

Awakin Call – Mar. 14, 2015: Otto Scharmer


Otto Scharmer: From Egosystem to Ecosystem

Growing up on a farm in Germany, Otto Scharmer noticed a lot of unsettling divides in society that ultimately led him to his PhD thesis titled: “Transformation of Capitalism as a Revolution From Within.” As he jokes, “No one read it, so I went on another pursuit to make such ideas more accessible to the public.” And he has surely done that.

Most famous for his best-selling books Theory U and Presence, Otto Scharmer is now a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is co-founder of the Presencing Institute, and the founding chair of the MIT IDEAS Program, that takes leaders from civil society, government and business on a nine month action learning journey in order to co-create profound social innovation in their communities. With the German government and the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan, he co-founded the Global Well-being and Gross National Happiness Lab, which brings together innovative thinkers from developing and industrialized countries to prototype new ways of measuring well-being and social progress. He has worked with governments in Africa, Asia and Europe and led leadership and innovation programs at corporations such as Daimler, Alibaba, ICBC, Eileen Fisher, Google and PwC. His latest book, Leading from the Emerging Future, focuses on transforming business, society, and self.

Through an online course, he has most recently launched U-Lab, a self-organizing platform with 27 thousand innovators from 191 countries who are collaborating with practices of co-sensing and co-creating emerging futures.

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Awakin Call – Feb. 28, 2015


Elisabet Satouris
Evolutionary Biologist, Futurist, Author

Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris is an internationally known evolutionary biologist, futurist, author and consultant on living systems design.

Elisabet has been a tireless advocate — through her writing and through her speaking to government, business, and scientific leaders at conferences around the world — of the urgent need for humanity to change our story about ourselves and our world. The old story, which is the older Western scientific view of the world as a complex machine and humans as detached observers and consumers governed by logic of Darwinian survival, has brought our planet to the crisis we face today. The newer story, of an emerging scientific world view that encompasses economy and ecology, ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific understanding, of humans as co-creators in a living universe, offers the opportunity for a global course-change. She calls this new world-view Ecosophy.

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Other Materials

  • Recent article, “Ecosophy, Nature’s Guide to a Better World,” at Daily Good.
  • Web site: Lifeweb.

Video: The Secret to Human Co-Existing

Awakin Call – Feb. 7, 2015


Michael Lerner President & Co-Founder

Forty years ago, Michael Lerner, a Harvard- and Yale-trained political scientist, left a promising academic career to start Commonweal that would serve at-risk children, help adults with environmentally related health problems and promote public education about environmental health. Today, Commonweal is host to over dozen different programs, including its reputed Cancer Help Program, which Michael began when his father was diagnosed with cancer. With intellectual brilliance and spiritual sensitivity, Michael has helped thousands of people, in small groups of eight participants, explore how to live with a life-threatening illness. In 1993, millions of Americans discovered this remarkable program when they watched Bill Moyers’ documentary, “Wounded Healers,” the fifth part of his award-winning PBS series,”Healing and the Mind.”

“The heart of being human is a search for meaning,” Michael Lerner says. “We know the earth faces dire challenges — our health and the health of all life on earth is threatened. What are the lessons we can learn from our efforts to heal ourselves and our communities that may help us heal the earth? And what can we learn from efforts to heal the earth that may help us heal ourselves and our communities? These are the great questions of meaning — the great work of our time.”

Michael’s three personal interests at Commonweal are healing with cancer, healing and the environment, and exploring meaning in our lives. As the 30-year old Commonweal Cancer Help Program expands into Healing Circles, a learning community for people with cancer and other conditions of loss, many other programs continue to bloom as well. The Collaborative on Health and the Environment now has 5000 partners in 40 countries exploring how the environment affects our health. The New School at Commonweal has conducted over 200 conversations with thought leaders exploring questions in nature, culture and the inner life. Closely allied projects at Commonweal include Rachel Naomi Remen’s Institute for the Study of Health and Illness, Rebecca Katz’s Healing Kitchens Institute, Kate Holcombe’s Healing Yoga Foundation, and James Stark and Penny Livingston Stark’s Commonweal Garden and Regenerative Design Institute.

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Awakin Call Interview

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For Aryae’s question about how to deal with the Shadow archetype that shows up among all “wounded healers” — and in communities such ours that have come together to make a positive difference in the world — fast forward to audio to 15 minutes from the end.

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