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the association of Silcon Valley’s
Human Resource leaders from 1998 to 2013
growing the capability of their profession
to advance the success and well being of all stakeholders.
Six Stories — 15 Years of Memories

HR Forums Gala Farewell Celebration — March 19, 2013

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Legacy of the HR Forums:
Community, Double Bottom Line, Next Generation

“Over the past 15 years we experienced the power of community among the HR leaders of Silicon Valley. And I believe that the power of community can make a difference to people all over the world — global citizens — who, by leading positive change in their own communities, are transforming the world.”

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Bonita Banducci

Hayward, California
Faculty, Gender and Engineering, Santa Clara University
Consultant, Lecturer, Author
Interviewed February 25, 2021 by Aryae.


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