Fuji Declaration


OWL Is Now a Fuji Declaration Partner Organization

By partnering with the Fuji Declaration organization headquartered in Japan, the OWL community stands together with high profile global citizens around the world who share a common vision and common commitment.

OWL member and guide Alan Briskin has been working on the Fuji Declaration, which was initiated in Japan by Masami Saionji, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Hiroo Saionji. It is an international alliance of individuals and organizations who are united by a shared commitment to advance a more harmonious, compassionate and sustainable era for all humanity. Their signatories include many well-known global leaders, they are very much aligned with OWL values, and any of us can sign the declaration.
Fuji Declaration Home Page

Text of the Fuji Declaration

and how to add your signature to theirs.
An Historic Celebration
coming in May, 2015

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