Interfaith Wisdom Circle – 9/20/2015
Dr. Nahid Angha

Opening to the Universal Wisdom in Each Others’ Faith Traditions

Guest Spiritual Leader:
Dr. Nahid Angha, is the co-founder of IAS (International Association of Sufism) and founder of the international Sufi Women Organization (SWO). The daughter of Moulana Shah Maghsoud, Dr. Angha was the first woman appointed to teach in her father’s school, and later the first woman ever to sit in the inner circle council with Muslim leaders from around the world to lead meditation at the annual Sufi Symposium. In 2000, she earned UNESCO’s “Messenger of Peace” award for her work as a humanitarian leader. An internationally published author, she is one of the major Muslim scholars of the present time with over fourteen published works.
Reverend Canon Charles Gibbs is an Episcopal priest who is an Honorary Canon at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. He is Founding Executive Director of URI (United Religions Initiative), whose mission is to promote “enduring interfaith cooperation … to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.”

Oh, My Friend

by Ezzeddin Nasafi
from Ecstasy – The World of Sufi Poetry and Prayer compiled and translated by Dr. Nahid Angha



1. Rev. Charles Gibbs & Dr. Nahid Angha: Introduction & reading

2. Nahid Angha: What is a human being?

3. Nahid Angha: How do you practice Sufism?

And what about your practice is most inspiring to you, and most challenging?

4. Nahid Angha: Question for circle

5. Responses: Charles Gibbs, Chuck Burack, Deidre Combs

6. Responses: Zilong Wang, Xiaojuan Shu, Kay Sandberg, Mark Denni

7. Responses: Offuh James Offuh, Wendy Berk, Harpreet Sandhu

8. Responses: Libby Traubman, Len Traubman, Aryae Coopersmith

9. Further reflections: Nahid Angha

10. Further reflections: Charles Gibbs

11. Additional questions

12. Nahid Angha: Responses

13. Closing the circle

14. Epilogue: Offuh James Offuh.

Report on peace dialogue in West Africa


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Dr. Nahid Angha

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