OWL Global Wisdom Circle – 10/11/2015
Kay Sandberg

Report from Chennai

Founder & Executive Director, Global Force for Healing

OWL Global Citizen Kay Sandberg, Founder & Executive Director of Global Force for Healing, was one of the organizers of the International Development Design Summit, in Chennai India from July 7 – August 1 with associates from around the world. The official title was IDDS Aarogyam. Their mission:

Bring together community representatives, health workers, midwives, students, business leaders, engineers, and designers from across the globe to work together to develop locally-accessible solutions with the potential to strengthen the healthcare system and empower participants in the process.

Through Global Force for Healing Kay brought together healthy birthing activists from several countries to attend. She was also editor of the Summit Blog, where you can read about the activities of the Summit.

Kay shared highlights, stories and outcomes of this amazing global gathering — and invited us to share reflections on the significance for our own journeys as global citizens.



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Kay Sandberg

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