Being American Now:

Conversations at a time of darkness
about engaging and supporting
the emergence of light.

What’s going on now with the people who voted for Trump? What’s going on with progressives who strongly opposed him? What’s going on around the country in rural America and urban America? What’s going on in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party? Any glimmers of hopeful news? What’s it going to take to heal the divides that separate us?

In the spirit of supporting the emergence of light at this time of darkness, we invite you to post articles, web sites, etc. that can help shed light on these issues for all of us.

12 thoughts on “Being American Now:

  1. I am participating in a writing challenge at Foothill College (where I teach Health in the community-based program) The writing challenge (called 7x9x25) is to create a Blog & write 7 Posts in 9 weeks – of at least 25 lines. The Blog should be about student success, education, and/or teaching and learning.

    This post is about my thoughts about education and Trump. The link to this post is…/01/17/purpose-of-educat…/

  2. Written in preparation for the January 15, 2017 ‘Being American Now’ video conference – and in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

    It’s now been 2 months since the election – and I watch how people around me are coping, or not coping, with the election results. I have one friend who has started to have panic attacks – something she thought had been put to rest years ago. Many, like me, have disconnected to a degree. I watched or listened to the news daily before the election – and now I do not.

    The holidays helped me to distract myself and I found I appreciated them in a way I hadn’t in the past- appreciating the moments of happiness and love and recognizing that the ‘season of joy’ is not a given.

    I have been saying that I hold Trump supporters culpable for the election of Trump. At the same time I always mention that Hilary won the general election by 2.9 million votes. It comforts me to know that more of my fellow Americans voted for Clinton then for Trump. But what about those 60 million people who did vote for him – after watching his character displayed on television night after night. A man who cheats contractors and gropes women? A man who incites violence?

    Today is Martin Luther King’s actual birthday – January 15th. And he would say we should stand up for what’s right. He would say the 60 million are ignorant and need to be educated. He would say that the heart of a person’s soul is good and kind and we need to appeal to that part.

    And He would tell us to tell the truth – even when those around us are lying. We need to continue to tell the truth. For the Truth – he would say – will Prevail.

    And to tell the truth we need to be willing to see the truth.
    We need to see what a culture of greed doth sow.
    A culture that profits from other people’s suffering.
    A culture that must deny that suffering
    in order to justify the greed.

    Perhaps right now that is our work. To see and speak and shout the Truth.
    (See you at the demonstrations!)

    • I am not sure how much I can stomach being involved in politics during the next 4 years, but it will be important to stay involved and to oppose the things that need to be opposed and to support the organizations and people who are doing the things that need to be done to keep the country from being destroyed.

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