Being American Now
Jan. 15

Being American Now — Jan. 15

Conversations at a time of darkness
about engaging and supporting
the emergence of light.

Meeting Time
Sunday, January 15, 2017, 5:00 – 6:30 PM Pacific Time.
You can find your corresponding local time at Time and Date.

As Wendy and I watched President Obama’s Farewell Address, we were very moved. What a demonstration of the grace, dignity, compassion and wisdom in the White House that will be so sorely missed in the days ahead. At this time of transition, the Being American Now conversation feels more relevant than ever!

We now have several pages on our web site as a community bulletin board for sharing news, videos, articles, personal reflections, etc. We invite you to visit these pages regularly, see what others are sharing, and share what you’re finding helpful for insight, ideas, opportunities, and inspiration. At the Being American Now Home Page.

The January 15 Conversation
We’ll start with the theme of: communities responding at the local level. We’ll be sharing a little about what’s going on here in the Half Moon Bay area, Stewart Gill will be sharing a little about Morgan Hill CA, and soon we expect to be hearing from Boulder CO, and Redwood City CA as well. If you’re getting involved in a local initiative in your community, or know of something that’s just getting organized, we invite you to be prepared to share that as well!

The circle will also be open to any thoughts, feelings or news that you’d like to share — within the context of our overall purpose: conversations at a time of darkness about engaging and supporting the emergence of light.


  • Moment of silence
  • Welcome and brief opening check-ins
  • Brief reports: inspiring initiatives in local communities
  • Circle of reflection and dialogue
  • Closing check-ins
  • Moment of silence

To join us for the videoconference, please RSVP now!
We’ll get back to you with details.

And let us know, either by email or at Contact Us, if you have any questions.


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Jan. 15

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