OWL Global Wisdom Circle – 8/09/2015
Prasad Kaipa

At the Interface of Business & Spirituality

Prasad Kaipa
CEO, Kaipa Group
Author, Academic, Executive Coach,
Business & Technology Strategist

In Prasad’s words:

“Sage on the Stage”
“Guide on the Side”
“Monk in the Cave”
“Father, Husband, Friend”

Prasad is CEO of the Kaipa Group in California and a frequent speaker in conferences and retreats and co-author of critically acclaimed book From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading with Wisdom published by Jossey Bass in 2013. He works with companies and senior executives in the areas of innovation, leadership development and coaching. He has been a visiting professor at Indian School of Business (ISB) since 2003 and was the founding Executive Director of the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change (CLIC) and raised multi-million dollar funding to initiate two research cells–SBI Cell for Public Leadership and Biocon Cell for Innovation Management in CLIC. He was a Smith Richardson Visiting Fellow at Center for Creative Leadership between 2010-2011 and was an advisor to Business FAC of Fetzer Institute (2011-2013). Prasad taught executive education programs organized by INSEAD, LBS, USC, Dartmouth and IIM Bangalore in addition to ISB.

Prasad grew up in a Brahmin family in India and was raised to prepare for a spiritual life in the Brahmin priesthood. Today, with a Ph.D. in Physics and a lifetime of success in the world of global business and technology, he is still anchored in his spiritual inheritance. You can see this in the Kaipa Group logo:

More about Prasad at Prasad Kaipa, Ph.D..

“Six Ways to Be a Wise Leader,” adapted from Prasad’s book Smart to Wise, at Daily Good.


First Speaker

Part 1: From Physics to Technology

Part 2: From Technology to Learning

Part 3: From Learning to Inner Genius

Part 4: Being Wiser

Part 5: Question for the Circle


Nancy Margulies

Netika Raval

Kavitha Shyam

Shyam Sundaram

Wendy Berk

Ravi Maturi

Offuh James Offuh

Prabu Ayyagari

Dinesh Chandra

Aryae Coopersmith

Closing Remarks

From Shyam and Kavitha

Dear Aryae, Prasad & All

Thank you for the session. It was indeed a unique session to hear view points. Our key take aways:

Smart to Wise (connecting the dots)
Wise to Wiser (taking along NOT JUST YOU /Others to enable Mindful Decisions)

To represent this in a more graphical view (perspectives shift – mediated learning) created a small image. Please feel free to use this / share it as you like. (Image details – The image is of a jellyfish taken recently at a Hong Honk aquarium and its world in the water which it shares its world super-imposed with thoughts discussed).

Thank you all.
Shyam and Kavitha


From Nancy Margulies

Here are my notes on our recent conversation. I really enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to more!


Please share any additional reflections you have in the Comments section below.

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