May 21 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle

May 21 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle:
Kaylynn Sullivan Two Trees

Spiritual travelers
from all backgrounds and traditions,
sharing experience — seeking wisdom.

Guidance from Ancestors
At a time when so much of civilization as we’ve known it seems on the brink of crisis and transformation, what can we learn from listening to the voices of our indigenous ancestors who lived close to the earth? How can we tune in to their wisdom for guidance through perilous times?

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees has spent a life “at the crossroads where species, cultures, beliefs and the unknown collide and find both dissonance and resonance. I am most comfortable with those explorers and cartographers whose passion and life is the crossroads. There, at any given moment, what is magic and what is real shifts places depending on where I stand.”

Two Trees focuses her work, as an artist/catalyst, on re-orienting to indigenous mind and regenerating an essential relationship with Earth wisdom. She is past recipient of the Lila Wallace International Artist Award and her work has been exhibited and is in collections in the US, Europe and New Zealand. She continues to find passion, renewal and nourishment from all of the Earth’s expressions.

She is currently Artist in Residence at the University of Vermont, and a member of the Leadership Team in the Sustainability Masters Program as well as a current Whistenon Public Scholar at the Kettering Foundation.

Part 1 — Opening check-ins

Part 2 — Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees: Guidance from Ancestors

Part 3 — Seed Question

Part 4 — Circle of reflection: Debra Roberts, Libby Traubman, Jerry Green, Len Traubman, Jed Davis, Xiaojuan Shu, Wendy Berk, Aryae

Part 5 — Additional reflections: TwoTrees, Jeb, Debra, Wendy, Aryae

Part 6 — Closing check-ins

2 thoughts on “May 21 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle

  1. With disappointment, I missed taking part in the May 21 circle. I looked forward to it. And yet, I let other forces steer me away. The circle was meaningful to listen to as well as to see through the videos that followed. Thank you for sharing the circle videos. Yesterday, driving over 200 miles down Interstate 29, I marveled at what nature placed before me. For the majority of that road trip, there was a brilliant rainbow that stayed within my sight. It was quite phenomenal to experience really because it stayed within sight vividly for nearly two hours. It made no scientific sense to me that it could appear and remain in view for so long, or remain within sight for such a span of miles. I could only behold its beauty believing that there was a spiritual lesson to be learned. For me it was a reminder that earth time experiences are still of a spiritual nature. This beautiful phenomenon was a reminder to me that when we pause to appreciate, marvel, wonder, and listen to what the spirit is saying, some of our soul’s greatest experiences and lessons can be found. Keeping the “spiritual foot as the center,” opens us to a wide variety of soul experiences and wisdom-building opportunities, if we pay attention, show gratitude, and ask how we can give back; not always in that order. Thank you to the circle members for your active participation in the circle. Thank you, Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees for continuing to spread light on spiritual pathways and intersections; the crossroads of life and existence.

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