Nov. 13 OWL Global Wisdom Circle

November 13 OWL Global Wisdom Circle: Mary Gentile

A monthly video-circle for sharing wisdom, experience and support among global citizens everywhere.

Giving Voice to Values
Can you recall a time at work or in community, where the leadership or community wanted to act in a way that ran contrary to your values? What did you do, and how did that make a difference?

Mary Gentile, Ph.D. has dedicated her career supporting leaders in creating workplaces and communities where each person can act openly and authentically based on their own values. Mary is the Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, a pioneering business curriculum for values-driven leadership launched by the Aspen Institute and Yale School of Management, and now hosted at the Univ of Virginia Darden School of Business, where she is Professor of Practice. She’s also author of the book Giving Voice to Values, published by Yale University Press.

The program curriculum, for free to educators, has been featured in Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, McKinsey Quarterly, BizEd, etc. and piloted in more than 830 business schools, companies, and organizations globally.

“Our work is not about persuading people to be more ethical,” Mary says. “Rather it starts from the premise that most of us already want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel that we have a reasonable chance of doing so effectively and successfully. [Our approach is] about raising those odds.”

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Part 1 — Opening check-ins

Part 2 — Mary Gentile: Giving Voice to Values

Part 3 — Circle of reflection: Mary’s question, Len Traubman, Debbie Shapiro, James Offuh, Wendy Berk, Jyoti Bachani, Hlamyo Nahing, Aryae

Part 4 — Further thoughts and reflections: Mary, Debbie, Len, Jyoti, Aryae, Jyoti, Wendy, Hlamyo, Offuh

Part 5 — Closing thoughts: Len

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