OWL Wisdom Circle 1 — Nov. 10, 2014

First Speaker: Min Lee, Co-Founder & “Princess of Possibility” at PlayMoolah, a software and education company headquartered in Singapore that designs educational, digital and community experiences that inspire transformation — in changing the narrative about money.

Attending: Kay Sandberg, Sima Sanghvi, Valerie Stinger, Karen Yeo, Jum, Aryae Coopersmith

Opening Comments by Min:

Min’s question to the circle: What would you like to change about the way you’re relating to money in your own life, and what would you like to change about the way money functions systemically in our world?

Some themes from our reflections in the circle:

  • How I spend my money has consequences in the rest of the world. Examples: if I go out to buy lots of cheap stuff, how does that affect people who are working for low wages in Bangeladesh? If I buy and use disposable stuff, what does that do to the health of our planet? What concrete changes can I make in my own use of money to support a healthier world?
  • Balancing the impulse to work hard, live frugally, and save as much money as we can, so we can deal with an uncertain future — with wanting to feel abundant, live abundantly and trust that no matter what comes up, we can handle it. What does living in abundance mean in terms of the choices we make in our lives?
  • Similarity between choices about money and choices about health — we make short-term choices that cumulatively produce long-term results. Most people want to change their habits only when their choices have led them to immediate pain. How to support people in living with a longer perspective on both their physical and financial health?
  • How do we allocate our financial resources to do the most good for others, while taking good care of ourselves?
  • How do we make the best use of all the different kinds of capital we have access to — social capital, knowledge capital, etc., as well as financial capital — to make a positive difference in the world?

Your comments: If you were in the circle and would like to add an additional theme we discussed, or have any further comments and reflections, please share them below. If you were not in the circle, please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Next gathering of OWL Wisdom Circle 1 is on December 8. We invite you to RSVP to join us then!

3 thoughts on “OWL Wisdom Circle 1 — Nov. 10, 2014

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Min. I was disappointed that I had to work that day and was unable to participate. I like having these recordings available to others in this community so we can appreciate the variety of ways we are all working to bring about positive change in our world.

  2. This very personal narrative by Min allows us to experience the huge value of Story and improving communication technology to humanize, dignfiy, and bring all of us on Earth closer together in empathy, dignity, and community. Thank you!!!!

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