Four Directions of Social Activism

As I’ve been engaging in Being American Now conversations with friends from the U.S. and around the world, we’ve been each been holding the question — what are my choices for action? And the range of choices at this time can seem truly bewildering.

My own vision is: together with a growing community of dear friends, I’d like to be part of an emerging non-violent, love-based social movement with the strength and staying power to bring healing to the U.S., to bring us back to the best of our core values.

Paying attention to the spectrum of actions going on around us, from public figures to personal friends, as well as pondering timeless words of wisdom of teachers from around the world, we can see a pattern, a kind of map, emerging, which I’m calling “Four Directions of Social Activism.” As we each ponder our choices for action, and the groups we might want to affiliate with, I believe it may be helpful to consider the question: where would I like to stand on that map?

This is a work in progress. Here, below, is a brief slide show laying out the map. I invite you to click through it in sequence — and to send me your feedback!

Feb. 28, 2017