Life turning its gaze inward

When this life seems so lifeless,
Slowly moving into the abyss of nothingness,
No purpose it seems to hold,
Like a key with no hole!
When songs of love turn into strife,
Darkness turn & run raging towards life!
The little palms of my spirit’s hands,
Shake and break the barren lands,
With teary eyes a prayer breaks,
A lifeless life comes back to rest!
A blazing thunder clap I hear,
In the heart of hearts my inner ear,
A Clap, no man, no form can make,
A sound that came from depths of wake!
A boon, a generous gift I find,
When all my seeking ends in kind!
A kindful heart, a soulful gaze,
Life’s force only triumphs it says,
When all is said and all is done,
I have nowhere to hide or run,
A voice within so deep proclaims,
Shun all the darkness, rejoice once ‘gain!

Anuj Kumar Pandey