One World Lights Take 1

One planet, 7 billion people.
If you’re paying attention to the world around you, to the news,
the trends of recent years, and to your own heart,
you may agree:
the way that 7 billion of us
are relating to each other and to the earth is not sustainable:
we need to change course.

But what can ordinary people do?


The good news: ordinary people everywhere

whom we’re calling global citizens,

empowered by some of the oldest motivations of the human heart

and the newest technologies of the Internet,

are waking up to a calling of compassionate service,
in their own communities and through their own causes,
to the well-being of all 7 billion of us
and to the web of life that sustains us all.
Although the individual actions may be humble,
the cumulative effect is big, and growing.

Our mission: wisdom circles all over the world,
both local and virtual,

linked up over the Internet into communities of communities,

where people come together to share

wisdom, inspiration, support, resources.
Global citizens,
through countless acts of service,
supporting a course change for humanity
by supporting each other.


Our vision:
An abundant, healthy, just, peaceful, sustainable world,
one world for all of us.

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