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We post wisdom circles convened by members and friends of the OWL community, where:

  • the conveners and the circle are aligned with our values and purpose
  • there are no fees involved
  • the circle is open to all

Upcoming Events — Highlights

June 9 OWL Global Wisdom Circle: Sulha Peace Project
Israelis and Palestinians Saying “Yes” to Peace

First Speakers:

Yoav Peck, Co-Director of the Sulha Peace Project.

Yoav is an American-born Israeli psychologist who moved to Israel in 1973 and joined the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) reserves. In 1979 he joined the Israeli peace movement, protesting the establishment of settlements in the occupied West Bank. In 1982 he participated in the first Lebanon War and then demonstrated against the war he was fighting. Today he is Co-Director of the Sulha Peace Project. More about Yoav at his OWL Profile.

A Sulha Palestinian Leader will accompany Yoav.

Global video-conference begins at 8:20 AM Pacific Time.
RSVP, agenda, and video conference link at June 9 OWL Global Wisdom Circle.

June 13 Global Awakin Call: Deidre Combs
Conflict as a Call to Sing Our Proudest Souls’ Anthems

Author, College Instructor, Consultant, Peacemaker
Columbia University, Montana State University, U.S. State Department

Deidre is also a Global Citizen in the OWL community and was first speaker at the January 13 OWL Global Wisdom Circle, where you can see a video of her opening remarks.

Over the past 20 years she has been facilitating dialogue and providing cross-cultural conflict resolution training after writing three books on that topic. She provides leadership training and coaching for State Department sponsored international activists, teachers, and government and university student leaders.

Global teleconference begins at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.
To get complete information and RSVP, go to the Awakin web site at Awakin Call with Deidre Combs.

July & August Global Wisdom Circles
In order to make the OWL Global Wisdom Circle more accessible to more people, we’re initiating a schedule change beginning in July. We’re moving the day to the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 8:50 AM Pacific Time. So we’ll be holding the circle on July 12 and August 9.



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