The Gift of Hope: Tis the Season (from Global Force for Healing)

Peace on Earth Begins at Birth

Peace on Earth Begins at Birth

I am filled with special gratitude at this time of year for the safe, loving birth of my new grandson Omid, meaning “hope” in Farsi. Omid was born November 21st, and from the start exuded calm sweetness–I have a new meditation partner. 🙂  May all babies be brought into the world in a loving, gentle way, and may all mamas survive birth and all babies thrive. Let’s together create this possibility as a human right, one of the goals of my organization’s Healthy, Compassionate Birthing network working in remote and indigenous global communities (

Tis the season of hope for a different–and better-tomorrow for our entire global family, a future of peace, social justice, acceptance of others’ differences, and love for all. Global Force for Healing exists for this purpose, and we have a natural kinship with fellow OWL members. We welcome your engagement in all forms–volunteering, connecting us to aligned organizations or individuals, and contributing financially (tax deductible in the US).

Please visit our website to sign up for our periodic newsletter or to make a donation. Feel free to email me via the OWL community or directly at: I would love to share Omid’s picture and birth story, and would be honored  to hear yours!

Warmest blessings at this season of light and love, Kay

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Year-end Message and Invitation

Peace on EArth Begins at Birth

Dear Owl Friends,

I’m a fellow OWL and founder/president of Global Force for Healing, a grassroots social-profit organization based in Ashland, OR.

I invite you to join us in supporting the UN Millennium Goals to dramatically reduce the number of mamas & babies dying needlessly in childbirth in global communities with limited access to care by 12/31/15. 90% of these deaths could easily be prevented.

To read more about our goals for 2015 and accomplishments for 2014, please visit:

Please support our global compassionate birthing projects by volunteering. Feel free to contact me by email: And/or, please…

Support our global compassionate birthing projects by donating: All contributions are tax deductible and truly cherished.

Your involvement can have a huge impact. 100% of our donations go to programs, training, staffing and advocacy for grassroots Healthy, Compassionate Birthing projects in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Our role is to convene and consult with them so all may be sustainable. These projects have not lost a mama and have dramatically lowered infant mortality rates in the underserved communities where they work—truly miraculous!

I look forward to being together on future OWL conversations!

With love, holiday blessings, and very best wishes for a transformative 2015,
PS Please click on “Global Force for Healing Network” under the interactive map for project locations and descriptions: We also invite you to directly support these projects in resource-poor areas!