April 24 Video: Cameroon Celebration of Life

More updates from Cameroon Celebration of Life of Patriarch PA JOHN TICHA, in Yaounde, Cameroon, organized by Ma Comfort , Ma Celine, Prince, Linda, Ma Rose and Giddy. Event took place on
April 24 2021 attended by leaders and indigenous people from Oroko community, Meta , Cameroon people and USA Delegation.

Gideon Ticha

3 thoughts on “April 24 Video: Cameroon Celebration of Life

  1. So glad we are able to witness this beautiful singing at the celebration of Pa John’s life. What a wonderful tribute to this patriarch who has contributed so much to his family and community.

  2. This is so deeply beautiful. I cried throughout. I cannot think of a better more lovely tribute to this venerable being. May peace be upon his soul, now and always. Thank you so much for sharing.

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