April 28, 2021 — Debra Roberts: Cameroon Honey News

From: Debra Roberts
Subject: Hi from Debra
Date: April 28, 2021 at 8:59:01 AM PDT
To: Wendy Berk, Aryae Coopersmith

Hello beloveds, sending a sunny spring hello from a glorious one in Appalachia. Hoping the same for you beautiful both.

Good news, Giddy just got back from Cameroon (to arrange the zoom for the burial and ceremony for his father tomorrow; his wife is still there) … and he brought back the honey! It will get picked up next week and brought to the Center for Honeybee Research for the contest. This tale and adventure have grown even more epic with the weave of Giddy’s deeply revered papa’s passing and that making it possible for the honey to actually get here after almost five months. And it started with you, Wendy, and your connecting us. And it also flowered from the Garden of your conversations Aryae and the connections that are nurtured there. You both are such blessers and such a blessing.

I am away for most of the month of May but by the time I return I will write something about this honey story and Cameroon.

Have a wonderful day.
Love and blessings

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