Myanmar Update, February 7, 2021

Subject: Myanmar Update
Date: February 7, 2021

Yesterday (Feb 6, 2021) The Military Government banned the access to internet with the purpose of news blankout! Since we can’t access to internet and reliable news sources, in order to weaken our strength to fight against the injustice, they announced a lot of fake news yesterday which made us confused, and desperate.

The revolution has started in Myanmar! Thousands of people regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity are on the road participating in the revolution. I have attached some photos for you to take a look at what is really happening in Myanmar.

Also in the revolution, we show our soul how much we want the police, and the soldiers to be with us, and how much we want want them to fight this battle together. We don’t want violence. We just hope they will be together with us this time.

“We will win this fight together.”

All the best

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