Being American Now
March 26

Being American Now — March 26

Conversation at a time of darkness
about engaging and supporting the emergence of light.

Building on our past conversations, we’ll hold this circle to update each other about the kinds of choices we’ve been making, and what we’ve been learning, in response to political events in the U.S.

Some seed questions:

  • What is one action you’ve taken (or chosen not to take) during the past month?
  • What have you learned as a result?
  • How do you experience your own balance between resistance and love? Between changing yourself and changing the world?
  • What opportunity do you see in the time ahead to personally make a difference?

Please join us for a conversation about responding to a challenging time by engaging and supporting the emergence of light!

Sunday, March 26, 2017, 5:00 – 6:30 PM Pacific Time.
You can find your corresponding local time at Time and Date.
To join us for the videoconference, please RSVP now!
We’ll get back to you with the details.


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