Apr. 10 Wisdom Circle

Apr. 10 Wisdom Circle: Sheetal Sanghvi

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A World of Sharing
What is the true measure of what we’ve each been given? What will the world look like when we each share what we already have?

Sheetal Sanghvi will be speaking with us from the Urban Ashram — an urban oasis in the heart of the city of Pune, India — a space to dedicated to the work of inner transformation.

When Sheetal and his wife Khushmita inherited his family’s 15-room ancestral home in Pune, they decided to share their home — with the entire community — by turning it into an ashram. Soon people from all over were regularly making the pilgrimage to their home, and others in Pune were inspired to start opening their homes as well. Today the Urban Ashram is a space where community gathers regularly for yoga, Awakin Circle meditation, inspiring talks by incredible pilgrims, Karma Kitchen, giftivism projects such as a book library and hand crafted Wisdom Crafts, Laughter Yoga, inspirational movie nights as well as musical Satsangs by traveling artists — with seven other homes in Pune also hosting Awakin Circles. There is also an on-line music project: Maitri Tunes. Sheetal and Khushmita live and work at the Urban Ashram, opening their home and hearts each day to everyone…

Sheetal considers himself as a pilgrim on his way back home to the source. He says that the pilgrimage comprises both what we do in the world, and what we do within. At this stage of his journey he is paying special attention to the practice of forgiving — forgiving others, and forgiving oneself.

“The pilgrimage can be a long journey,” Sheetal says, “so we need good tools in our backpack. These tools are the spiritual practices of the ages.”

“Today there are three billion people who don’t have enough food to eat,” he says. “And well-meaning people and organizations work to raise money to buy them food. But there are five billion of us who have been blessed with enough to eat, and much more. What if all of us would share some of our extra food with those who need it? Could we could eliminate world hunger?”

“Imagine a world of sharing — if each of us, everywhere, chose to share a little of what we have on any level, no matter how humble, with each other? What would the world be like? This is the conversation I would like to have.”


Sheetal: Outer & Inner Pilgrimage


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