Newest OWL Global Citizen, Kunal Chawla, Leaves U.S. for India

Kunal-Chawla Kunal Chalwa, our newest OWL global citizen, has an M.A. in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford, and recently worked as an online course developer from for Udacity. He’s just left the Bay Area in California to return to Delhi, India. His plan: to travel through India, and at each place he visits, develop a brief video science lesson for children that is relevant to people at that place!

A member of the ServiceSpace community and a regular, while he was here, at the Wednesday evening Silicon Valley Awakin Circle, here’s what he recently posted on his ServiceSpace feed:

At the risk of sounding immodest, I want to give you all a personal update. Next week I will be moving from California, back to Delhi, India. Over the next year, I hope to tell science stories on video. I used to teach middle school in India and found that the science textbooks did not promote curiosity amongst students. My hope is to change that; for each chapter in the science textbook, I will investigate interesting questions like, “Can shadows be colorful?” and create 2-3 minute videos exploring the answer. As a sample, here is a video detailing how to convert seawater into drinking water:

I feel scared to leave a predictable job and lifestyle behind, but am taking good energy from all of you on this journey. Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to be of service as I pursue this dream.


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