Interfaith Wisdom Circle – 11/15/2015
Swami Vedananda

November 15: 4th Interfaith Wisdom Circle

Opening to spiritual wisdom — a global video conference circle of people who seek to share the sacred and serve the world.

Guest Spiritual Leader:

Swami Vedananda is a senior monk of the Vedanta Society of Northern California, which was founded by Swami Vivekananda in 1900. Belonging to an order of monks of an unbroken, ancient lineage dating back to the pre-BC Vedic period, Swami Vedananda holds a Ph.D. in physics, a compassion quotient that overflows from his heart, and a sense of humor that will fill you with lightness and joy.

More about Swami Vedananda at his Global Awakin Call.


Somik Raha is a “servant leader” with the ServiceSpace community, and a product development leader at SmartOrg, a values-based decision-making software company. He has a Ph.D. in Decision Analysis from Stanford University, where he hosts a weekly Sunday class with Swami Vedananda.

More about Somik at his Global Awakin Call.


Part 1 — Opening check-ins

Part 2 — Somik Raha: Introduction to Swami Vedananda

Part 3 — Swami Vedananda: Passages from the Upanishads

Part 4 — Reflections in the circle:
Raghavendra Mithare, Wendy Berk, Harpreet Sandhu, Preeta Bansal, Aryae, Amita Martin, Offuh James Offuh

Part 5 — Reflections in the circle:
Kate Levinson, Ashok Kumar, Jessica Leash, Barbara Zilber, Maury Zilber, Chuck Burack, Scott Merrall

Part 6 — Somik and Swami Vedananda

Part 7 — Dialogue:
Offuh, Swami Vedananda, Preeta

Part 8 — Dialogue:
Jessica, Swami Vedananda, Preeta, Chuck

Part 9 — Closing check-ins

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