One World Lights News

Starting today, June 2, 2014, we’re adding a One World Lights News section to the OWL website!

This is a space where any member of the OWL community can post news about the community:

  • new members
  • new circles
  • new projects
  • new website features
  • news or updates about any of these

These posts will also appear on the general OWL Blog.

To add your blog post to One World Lights News:

  1. Go to the very top of any page and click New/Posts.
  2. Type in your title and blog entry.
  3. Scroll down to “Categories,” on the right side of the screen, just below the text box where you entered your text. Click the box “OWL News.”
  4. Scroll back up and click “Post.”

You can now view your post by going to the top of the screen and clicking “View Post.”

If you’d like to edit it, go back to the top of the screen and click “Edit.”

I look forward to staying in touch with news about our members around the world as our community grows!

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