Breaking News: Peacemaking in the Ivory Coast

Offuh James Offuh from Ivory Coast
Founder of United for Peace Against Conflict International (UFPACI)

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May 30, 2015 — 3:59 AM
Dear Aryae


On wenesday been the 27th may 2015 and thursday been the 28th may 2015, I was informed about a horrible mass Human slaughter in Dabou city about 40 km, Bassam 45km a near by province to Abidjan.

In brief, the voilent conflict took almost 4 to 6 hours at the mentioned cities between muslim youths and christain youths, to the point a musque and a church was burnt down and 14 poeple killed including an IMAM, also a church was burnt down including the members of the church about 10 poeple was killed. The Government are yet to allow the press to publish this incident.

This have caused political and social tention in the abidjan city , Dabou and bassam city., To look for remedy to the situation, i travelled to the cities yesterday and meet with victims and consol them. upon my visit i proposed to the two rival faith traditions for direct dialogue. which they appreciated, in view of this situation i invited them urgently, the different Religious leaders representative today at 16h.00 gmt for a Dialogue meeting in abidjan today.

I will send to you more details after the meeting today. maybe if the allow snaps in the dialogue meeting as the situation is still fragile.

Remain blessed and God bless you.



May 31, 2015 — 8:42 AM
Dear Aryae

please see few attached photo of yesterday during the interfaith dialogue encounter.


The muslim of Dabou and Grand-Bassam was represented, Catholic protestant church, Buddist community was represented also.

It was so challenging and complicated but the spirit of Dialogue created mutual understanding in the room.

The Religious leaders representive suggested, if UFPACI will come and sensitize the two communities in Dabou and Grand-Bassam. I promise them, UFPACI will come in the month of JUNE 2015 for Dabou and Grand-Bassam.

The situation is very delicate and fragile, I pledge to stand in the gap for the two communities to wage this conflicts from getting worst because of FEAR AND IGNORANT of the OTHER.

Looking forwards learning from your advise!

NB: They watched few UFPACI past Leaps of Faith dialogue projects.



2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Peacemaking in the Ivory Coast

  1. Dear Offuh,

    I am grateful for your courage and compassion. May all sides travel down the road to peace together, and may common humanity be a unifying force. May all be safe. Keep reaching into your deep inner wisdom and out to your friends and allies.

    With great appreciation,


  2. Dear Offuh,


    My prayers are with you.

    I sit at your feet to learn about courage, faith, compassion, commitment, love.

    My advice — what I learned long ago, and have kept in mind for many years on many journeys: when we’re on our way with a sincere heart, as a humble servant of Heaven, to do a selfless act of kindness and compassion, there are no mistakes. Always pay attention to the guidance you are receiving.

    I’ll post your words and a picture on the OWL Blog, and share this story with our community.

    With love and admiration.


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