OWL Global Wisdom Circle – 4/14/2015
Listening to the Enemy

First Speakers

Len & Libby Traubman are co-founders of the 22-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue of San Mateo, now preparing for its 276th meeting. For 30 years they’ve brought enemies together around the world, facilitating face-to-face community building dialogue from personal experience with Soviets and Americans, Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Jews and Palestinians, and most recently Muslim and Christian Nigerians. Recently they’ve facilitated dialogue via Skype and Zoom between diverse citizens of Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Myanmar. You can find out more about the Traubmans and their work at their OWL profiles.

First Speakers’ Story

Part 1: How Their Dialogue Work Got Started

Part 2: Early Lessons in Peacemaking

Part 3: Challenges in Bringing Enemies Together

Part 4: Most Important things They’ve Learned

Community Response

Len & Libby’s Question to the Group

Kay Sandberg
Ashland, Oregon

Karen Yeo

Wendy Berk
Half Moon Bay, California

Barbara Nussbaum
Cape Town, South Africa

Debbie Shapiro
Jerusalem, Israel

Marty Gross
Piedmont, California

Claudia Miller
Piedmont, California

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

More about OFFUH and his work at Feb. 10 OWL Wisdom Circle 1

Aryae Coopersmith
Half Moon Bay, California


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