New Book by Nancy Margulies

nancy-margulies OWL global citizen Nancy Margulies, former business consultant, graphic facilitator and World Cafe co-founder and facilitator, is author of nine books currently listed on Amazon. Her latest, and possibly wildest, Animal Husband, has just been published.

Congratulations Nancy! From her introduction:

Meeting with fellow authors, I discovered the power of writing whatever comes to mind without judging or editing. One of us throws out a word or phrase as a “prompt,” and for the next twelve minutes we write…. It feels like taking dictation. I don’t know in advance where the story is going or who is telling it…. Occasionally, the story that shows up is from my own life.

Chip B. Goldstein, EdD Dean, Academic Planning & Administration,
California Institute of Integral Studies:

The Devil shows up in a church basement, a repair guy gets to work on a girlbot, a skateboarder freezes mid-air, a prisoner stabbed in a Mexican jail, a tourist loses her identity down an outhouse hole, one memorable night in the slums of Rio, tryouts for a biblical porn movie – these are but a few of the wildly entertaining scenes included in the fifty-eight exceptional stories in … Animal Husband…. Warning: do not attempt to predict the ending of any of these stories. They will fool you every time…. They are irreverent and dark, or resolute and buoyant. But mostly they are inventive and poignant, conveying a vision and a voice deeply grounded in the truth of human experience.

Aryae’s review on Amazon:

What a strange world these stories reveal! Situations and actions that look so bizarre to the reader, yet seem so strangely ordinary to the characters inside the stories. People who are trapped in unimaginable situations, and speak about it in a deadpan which suggests a kind of acceptance: this is how things are, isn’t it? Unexpected twists at every turn in a surreal world where anything is possible.

And yet somehow, emerging from surreal situations disguised within the ordinary, from unspoken confusion and pain, from the shadows where lost souls are wandering, comes the possibility of redemption. Loss is not final. Things change. People can change. An affirmation of life itself.

Truly some of the most brilliantly creative writing I’ve seen.

You can check out the book on Amazon.


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