New Member: Deidre Combs

DeidreCombsWelcome to Deidre Combs to the OWL Community!

For 20 years Deidre has been facilitating dialogue and providing cross-cultural conflict resolution training, and has written three books on the topic.

This past decade she has added leadership training and coaching for State Department sponsored international activists, teachers, and government and university student leaders.

She is the mother of three adult children and lives with her husband in Bozeman, Montana.

Her books include:

The Way of Conflict: Elemental Wisdom for Resolving Disputes and Transcending Differences
Foreward by Matthew Fox

Worst Enemy, Best Teacher : How to Survive and Thrive with Opponents, Competitors, and the People Who Drive You Crazy

Thriving Through Tough Times: Eight Cross-Cultural Strategies to Navigate Life’s Ordeals

Learn more about Deidre at her OWL profile.

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