New Member: Sima Sanghvi

Welcome to Sima Sanghvi to the OWL Community!

Sima describes herself as a “lover of community and connection, on a journey of self-discovery and cultivation of mindful living.” She is an active member of the ServiceSpace community, where she is a volunteer coordinator for Karma Kitchen, and convenes an Awakin Circle at her home in South San Francisco.

She works as a marketing communications consultant in the healthcare industry, and previously worked as a promotions producer in TV broadcasting, including C-SPAN and Turner Network Television.

Sima and her husband have built a house in India, and are planning to move there soon.

Learn more about Sima at her OWL profile.

One thought on “New Member: Sima Sanghvi

  1. Sima,
    Hello from not-so-far-away San Mateo. Your bring to the community so much desire for communication excellence and acts of goodwill that include and dignify everyone. Even at a glance, we appreciate how you’re living your life!!

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