Notes: Wisdom Circle 1, Sept. 11, 2014

First Speaker: Opata Chibueze. Story of a young Nigerian entrepreneur, and his concerns, questions and vision of the future.

First of all, thank you Opata on two counts. First: for sharing your story and and the view from Nigeria! Second: for being such a good sport when the Internet video & audio wasn’t working so well in Lagos, by communicating with us via texting so the conversation could continue. Much appreciated!

Everyone else who was there yesterday — thank you so much your contributions! Kay and Valery in particular, having worked in Africa on social change projects yourselves — your perspective and experience were most useful. One idea that emerged, of the possibility of Opata and either or both of you collaborating on creating aps to give people in Africa in remote rural areas better access to important information and opportunities — wow, how interesting! I’d love to see if anything comes of it.

I’m sending these comments by email and also posting on the OWL Blog. I invite you to add any comments of your own! One thing I’d especially like your input on: shall we video-record the opening first-speaker remarks on future circles? If so, would you like us to post them on the web site?

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