Inter-Generational Wisdom Circle Gathers!


August 14, 2014:
First get-together of the Inter-Generational Wisdom Circle. Awesome gathering! Lots of excitement; lots to follow up on.

So for everyone who was in the circle yesterday, I invite you — by replying below — to share your reflections on highlights of yesterday’s experience, and any thoughts about what you would like for our next gathering. Looking forward!

August 21, 2014:
This photo just in from Prasad, documenting one of the activities last week that I didn’t get to witness. (Don’t ask! πŸ™‚ Thank you Prasad!

15 thoughts on “Inter-Generational Wisdom Circle Gathers!

  1. Thanks Aaryae and Adam for hosting the wonderful circle. I could see myself in a couple of youngsters and wondered how close I could be in the next 20 years to a couple of the elders! It was a very enlightening experience to hear the different points of view. The walk on the beach was great for me coming from a forest of cement and mortar. I gained a few insights whilst being a part of the circle and could see some changes in myself towards creating a greater social impact.



  2. Thank you family for the beautiful gathering, the openness, the home and the wonderful presence of all. Thank you also for the kind intention behind it…

    Intergenerational circles can be so great!!! I imagine intergenerational circles in education or work settings for example, that could bring so much goodness to all different generations.

    It was so great to see elders listening to youngsters with so much love and affection and also see youngsters paying attention to elders wisdom. I could think that the value of intergenerational listening is being lost, but I prefer to see the cup half-full and say that the value of intergenerational listening is re-emerging!!!!yes!!

    Listen to elders stories and learning from younger points of view and creativity are beautiful qualities that we sure need to promote healthy societies!

    I am glad I was part of this experiment and hope to see the ripples of love flowing all over πŸ™‚



  3. A heart filled day of meeting new friends and deepening friendships with others ~ having all ages present from teens to septuagenarians created a rich and intimate circle of sharing. The activities were great, from arranging ourselves by age and introducing each other to walking on the beach as deep listeners and sharing personal edges. The openness and intimacy was very special and it’s clear we all crave these opportunities to gather and share. Ahhh…and to share laughter and tears. So looking forward to the next one! Thank you Aryae and Adam for opening your home and hearts to all of us!

  4. It was a memorable and moving experience. Good talks. Good Connections. People from many generations and backgrounds talking and listening to each other. It will be interesting to see were this goes.

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