Deepening Our Capacity to Love Through Healing Our Birth Trauma

Secret Life of babies

Dr. Mia Kalef is a former chiropractor, a practicing craniosacral, Prenatal & Birth Therapist and gifted healer who explores and re-patterns the traumatic imprints from our prenatal and perinatal experiences. She is also the author of the book, “The Secret Life of Babies.”

Mia’s research has found that the human body is resilient and it is never too late to heal. Also that we inherit and forget about our earliest moments in the womb and at birth. These experiences are then imprinted into our subconscious and replayed throughout our lives. The ability to store memories in our bodies at the physical, mental and spiritual levels has an effect on our health and society. Exploring and healing these unconscious memories not only deepens our capacity for love, but also strengthens our ability to extend compassion to others.

Birth trauma is a cross-cultural phenomenon that women and babies experience in different ways. Traumatic events include everything from inductions and epidurals, to malnutrition and stress. Although these experiences are not remembered they continue to shape, limit and create blockages in our lives. Birth Therapy can soothe the effects of challenging births, and help babies and adults heal from the effects of traumatic births.

Mia guides a four-day Pre-birth and Birth Healing Workshop that teaches participants how to re-pattern an aspect of pre-birth or birth experiences. She also holds a four week online Traumatic Birth Recovery and Healing Therapy Program designed for mothers and babies who need physical and emotional healing after their birth experiences. To discover the depth of healing accessible through Birth Therapy and access programs offered, please visit:

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