New From GFH: The Role of mHealth in Healthy Birthing Worldwide!

We are thrilled to offer you our new publication, “The Role of mHealth in Healthy Birthing Worldwide, A Survey of Mobile Phone-based Applications (Apps) and Related Resources” (June 2014). You may download the article from Dropbox: You do not need a Dropbox account to access the article. Simply click “Download”, the blue box in the upper right corner of the page.

The article highlights six free mobile apps regarding healthy pregnancy, and maternal and infant health. Each app or SMS texting program serves people in remote global regions where healthcare and educational information are scarce. Some are aimed at Community Health Workers, midwives, and birth attendants, while others may be directly used by pregnant mothers and their families.

The article also features leading organizations developing mHealth (mobile health) apps to diagnose, share patients’ health records, educate health workers and families, arrange patient appointments or emergency transport, and to coordinate care with larger hospital systems where they exist. Finally, we introduce excellent, free audiovisual resources that also help save the lives of underserved women and babies worldwide.

We hope this review of promising new approaches using mobile phone technology contributes in a small way to the reduction of preventable maternal and infant deaths (90% of deaths!), and leads to a healthier quality of life for marginalized families globally.

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Kay Sandberg

President and Founder of Global Force for Healing

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