Stories in the Garden

Stories in the Garden

Interviews and other stories by, about, and among
friends who gather in the Garden.

Xiaojuan Shu
Ukiah, California
“A human in quest”
Member — City of 10,000 Buddhas
M.A. Buddhist Classics — Dharma Realm Buddhist University


Pankaj Shah
San Jose, California
Retired Silicon Valley Executive
Currently mentoring young social entrepreneurs and teachers through ServiceSpace and the Santa Clara Unified School District.


Hla Myo Naing

Founder & Program Coordinator
PEACE Initiative
(Practicing English And Civil Engagement)
Connect. Communicate. Cooperate. Create.


Milena Rodriguez

Born and raised in Nicaragua, currently living in Costa Rica, planning to attend Spirituality Mind Body Master of Arts Program at Columbia University in New York.
Columbia University Video Self-Presentation


Gideon Ticha
Greetings from PC Kwojeoh Zang Tabi Meta Cameroon to VPC, CA USA
December 27, 2009

posted: July 14, 2020

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Community Food Supply Research

Identifying success stories from Africa and around the world where people have come together to create local, natural, sustainable solutions for increasing the supply of healthy food for local people.

We invite everyone in the OWL/Conversation-in-the-Garden community to contribute to this research — between August 12 and September 9 — by posting links to websites that share these kinds of stories and this kind of knowledge. And when you post the link, please also say something about what is positive about this that stands out for you. The team will review this research to help identify best practices, and determine a plan for the project.

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